Oscar Pareja happy with defensive performance in 1-1 draw with San Jose

Colorado Rapids head coach Oscar Pareja's post-game comments following 1-1 draw in San Jose:

On the game:

“It was a good night. I thought the boys executed the plan we had. They played against a tough team with big bodies who are difficult to play with, but defensively I thought we played very well. We managed the whole first half by moving the ball very well. To start the second half, we knew they were going to throw the big guys up front and at us so we had to back-peddle about 10 yards. Overall though, I thought it was very controlled.”

On Nathan Sturgis:

“Nathan is doing great and I’m very happy for him. He’s a guy who brings a lot of professionalism to the team and our club. Most importantly he’s becoming one of those guys who’s able to get into the box.”

On the red card:

“I have to see it again. I know Shane is strong and physical and that was the game today. Sometimes they take that as anger on the field, but he’s only 19 years old and that’s just going to be something he’s going to have to learn to not have happen.”

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