Pareja says team's lack of intensity in first half the difference in home loss

Colorado Rapids Head Coach Oscar Pareja following the 2-1 loss to San Jose:

On the match overall:

"I thought we had to recognize the effort of the players in the second half. That was an excellent job. Unfortunately we came up short, we couldn’t get the points that we needed against a rival that obviously is fighting with us in the conference. So frustrating the first half. We all know it, players know it, coaches know that the first half wasn’t good but I think that the response was very good in the second half. It was very good and I really want to highlight that from the players. Playing with one man down it was very good very positive and I think the people saw the effort and we were very close to tying the game."

On the slide tackle that led to Harris’ ejection:

"I do really need to see it again. This is a hard game, tough, and I don’t want to say this to offend my player. It was a tackle and they showed a red card so I had to deal with it, but I have to see it again. And to be quite honest it’s a play that has a lot of contact and sometimes it’s difficult to judge but I do really want to see it again to be accurate with my concept about it."

On outshooting the Earthquakes and not getting the win:

"First half I thought it was a lack of intensity from us. You cannot afford to give up 45 minutes in a game at home. You have to come and set the tone and you have come and take advantage of the altitude and everything, we all know that. I know the frustration for the players now is that, and they know that they are much better than what we played in the first half and they showed it in the second half. That was totally the opposite. We were all over the place pushing and trying to get options. We scored a goal, we had two good [chances stopped by Busch]. So I thought it was just the first half and a lack of intensity."

On Jaime Castrillón and Martín Rivero’s performances in the second half:

"They brought energy they brought technique they brought great movement as well. Sometimes we have to understand that the movement and running into spaces is not just about speed and that’s what we try to get out of subs and I thought Jaime did a great job in that part. He had two excellent moves and Martín had a lot of glue with the other players and gave us what we were needing in the middle. It was an excellent performance by those two."