U-13s Costa Rica Blog Day #6: Volcanos and waterfalls

(A selection of Colorado Rapids U-13s is in Costa Rica participating in the Saprissa Cup. The kids, ranging from 10-13 years-old, provide updates from their trip).


By Hayden Marco and Danni

After the coffee plantation Chucho brought us on the bus to go to volcano. When we got off the bus it was a little chilly, we walked around 5 minutes up the hill and it started to get warmer and more humid.

Once we got to the top there was an awesome view of the volcano with rain build up in the middle. There was a lot of steam because of it that filled up the skies with steam. We could hardly see anything it was really hard to see.

Chucho gave us a lesson about when the volcano last erupted. Then we walked 10 minutes up a path to a lagoon where we took pictures and through these awesome ninja leaves at each other. We saw a underwater volcano but we didn’t see because it was covered with rain water. After we took a long 20 minute walk down to the bus and it was very steep. Finally we got on the bus and we headed off to the waterfall.


By Thibbs, Toby, and Jake

When we got off the bus, Choochoo took us to a very nice cafeteria. There we had salad, noodles, pizza, garlic knots and pineapple.

After we ate lunch, we all had to use the bathroom. When we walked in, we thought it was soo cool. The sinks were almost waterfalls. When you turned the rock, which was the handle, the “waterfalls” turned on.

After that we went to the zoo part where we were able to see all of the animals. The birds were the first animals we saw. There were toucans, hawks, and some parrots. Then we went to the butterfly room. Hayden was scared out of his mind of them. After the butterflies, we got to see the monkeys. WE would feed the monkeys, and the monkeys would run around to wherever they could get fed. The Ocelots looked like mini versions of the Jaguars, with their spotted tails. The jaguar was much cooler. It would paste back and forth so no one could get a picture.

There was also a hanging play toy that he did not want. Even at one point, the Jaguar decided to pee at us. We saw huge bulls later on in the walk. The dears were quite skittish if you got close to them. We also passed through the frog habitats where frogs could roam free. Some were even poisonous.

The walk to the waterfalls took a while. Everyone was pushing to take pictures. Once we headed back to the bus, we went to the gift shop. The bus ride home took almost 2 and a half hours.