Oscar Pareja on victory in Montreal: Composure was magnificent

Colorado Rapids Head Coach Oscar Pareja following 4-3 victory at Montreal:

General Impressions on the game…
I thought us winning was a result of a game well played by both teams, the emotions were always there. The fans had a great time in the stands today. It was a game that tested us hard and against a very good rival and to be quite honest I thought our team deserved the victory for sure.

Could this game be a match that changes the season for you guys…
It has to. All the credit to those guys that were working the way they did today. Credit to the boys and hopefully this is the spark that we need to get a stretch down and get back home and get points. We can’t wait to get back home.

Differences in your offence tonight….
I thought we had a little bit more touches in front of the goal. The last third today was sharp because we made some touches and I thought it was crucial. We didn’t rush. We weren’t hectic to finish and today we had composure and that was magnificent for us.

Dillon gave us versatility, he is really maturing, I like to see him growing and we have to be patient because this is a process for the younger players and a game like today shows us that we are heading in the right direction with them.

Also, Tony, he’s been working hard. Today was a demonstration that the game will reward you when you do what you have to do. This was a great moment for the team and for Tony.