Shane O'Neill vs NY
Garrett Ellwood / Colorado Rapids

Shane O'Neill: We kept a clean sheet and put away our chances

Colorado Rapids Defender Shane O'Neill following the 2-0 home win over New York on the 4th of July:

On getting in the starting lineup after the U-20 World cup:

'It was definitely a little more intense I think out here just because there’s a lot of pressure to get the win tonight in front of a big crowd. But I thought we handled it pretty well. We kept it solid in the back, which was huge for us tonight, keeping a clean sheet and we put away our chances in the second half."

On playing outside instead of center back:

"It felt a little different you know just having my back to the sideline and stuff like that, having to play one touch a lot more. And I think it’s just a thing, just like center back, you just have to get games in there and keep playing and seeing how you feel."

On going up the field as a wide defender:

"I think once we got the two-zero lead, it was kind of like our eyes relaxed a little bit and stayed solid at the back. You know I think it wasn’t time to go forward and try and push too much but at the start of the game I went forward a couple times. I mean I am still a little legged from the flight and all that stuff, so hopefully I will be good for Sunday."

On playing a new position next to fellow defender Drew Moor:

"Yeah it’s huge. I mean there’s been a few times in the game where I just pushed up the field and maybe I didn’t get back as fast as I needed and I always know Drew is in my ear and that’s huge for me. I told him as long as you’re talking to me, as long as you’re in my ear constantly, constantly, you know I’ll just be listening and that was huge for him to do that."