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July 9, 2013: A look at the Rapids roster as the international transfer window opens

Colorado Rapids Technical Director Paul Bravo recently told that the team is actively looking for new players to bring onto the squad.

“We’d like to add a couple more difference-makers,” Bravo told the League website last month. “I think it’s safe to say that’s where our focus has been, in the international market."

July 9 marks the opening of the international transfer window, which allows MLS teams to officially add players to their rosters who have been under contract in other leagues.

But how would new players impact the current Rapids roster?

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Let's take a look...

As of July 9, the Rapids 30-man roster consists of 29 players, leaving one open spot.

Of the 29 players, seven occupy international roster spots (of which the Rapids have nine available): Martin Rivero, Hendry Thomas, Diego Calderon, Kevin Harbottle, Deshorn Brown, Brenton Griffiths, and German Mera).

However, Calderon is still on the disabled list - meaning his roster and international spot is open until he returns to action from his knee surgery.

Also, Charles Eloundou isn't offcially on the roster until his situation is resolved, so he doesn't yet take up a roster and international slot, either.

Add it all up: the Rapids technically have two Salary Budget roster spots available (for the short-term) if they have salary budget available to spend (keeping in mind the MLS salary budget is $2,950,000).

There are also unknowns. What if the Rapids want to bring in more than two players? Or, what if their price tags are higher than the salary available? How much allocation money does the team have available - which doesn't count towards the salary budget but can be used to 'buy down' the cost of a new player? What happens when Calderon rerturns, or Eloundou is eligible?

But let's look beyond what we don't know. Which position should the Rapids try to improve for the second half of 2013?