Rapids Podcast #19 - Gabriel Torres and Clint Dempsey

Rapids Podcast: DP's Gabriel Torres and Clint Dempsey are the talk of MLS

In what has been a historical week for the Colorado Rapids, a delayed Rapids Podcast hears from the club's first-ever Designated Player, Gabriel Torres.

"I can bring a lot of hard work," he said, of his attributes. "I like to run a lot on the field, have the ball at my feet and - above everything else - score a lot of goals."

The arrival of Torres came at the end of a significant seven days for the Rapids, following the return of the Subaru Rocky Mountain Cup, and the signing of Uruguay striker Vicente Sanchez.

Podcast hosts David Lindholm and Richard Fleming discuss Clint Dempsey, and speak with Rapids skipper Drew Moor and keeper Clint Irwin.

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