Coach's Perspective: Our Last Official Practice


By Aspen DeField

Monday was our last official practice before all of the Denver and Portland festivities.  It was an evening of scrimmaging, naming the team captain, and showing off our soccer moves to the Rapids players.

During the coaches versus athletes scrimmage, athletes had the chance to show up their coaches and others from the Rapids organization and Kroenke sports.  While it’s always fun to score a goal and steal the ball from another player, they seemed to particularly enjoy scoring on us and stealing the ball from the Rapids players.  Not only did they get to play against the professionals, they also got to beat them!  Our goalie, Morgan, was given some personal training time and in-game advice from Rapids goalkeeper Matt Pickens.  It was a great opportunity to have fun while working on their teamwork and game strategy, and take advantage of the professional advice and talents.

During halftime of the scrimmage, our team captain was named.  Sam Villela, a first year player on the team, was presented with the captain band and some words of wisdom from Rapids captain Drew Moor.  Sam was very pleased to have earned the role of captain, and his teammates and onlookers gave a round of applause.  He provided a perfect captain-to-captain pose for the photographer! 

The second half of the scrimmage included some great scoring moments, and the addition of Rapids player Chris Klute to the coaches’ team. While the athletes and Unified partners had their share of goal scoring, the coaches’ team pulled it out in the end during the “last goal wins” final moments of the scrimmage.

A Burgundy Affair

Tuesday, October 17