What the Rapids Unified Team is all About

Written by Doug Fulton, Senior Manager of Fan Development at KSE

What an honor it is to be a part of the Rapids Unified team!

Project Unify is everything that is right about sports and goes beyond the play on the pitch. It is one of the most important programs I have seen in my 13 years of working at Kroenke Sports. It is about athletes coming together, celebrating each other for who they are, supporting their teammates, improving their soccer skills and bringing smiles to everyone who comes into contact with Unified sports. For most of these athletes it is the first time they have flown on a plane and traveled without their family. They get to experience new opportunities and take risks which allow them to grow. The coaches and partners are amazing, but the Special Olympics athletes are the heart of the team. 

The pictures show the joy and smiles on the faces of everyone involved – the players, coaches, refs, staff, parents, volunteers and fans. This program is a priority for the team and you can see it in the kits the team wears, the support of the players from the First Team and the involvement of the front office. Kroenke Sports Charities and the Colorado Rapids are doing great work partnering with Special Olympics Colorado in creating a program that is a win for our community.

Congratulations to the team on a successful trip to Portland in so many ways.  We look forward to our match with Seattle on Saturday, October 5th.  Please come support the program and cheer on the Rapids Unified team!