Drew Moor in Notre Dame gear with Dillon Powers

High Stakes: Moor loses friendly wager with Powers on Indiana vs. Notre Dame

Last week, Rapids Captain Drew Moor and Rookie of the Year contender Dillon Powers made a friendly wager on the outcome of a fixture between their alma maters: Indiana University and the University of Notre Dame. The stakes were that the player whose team loses the match has to wear the winner's gear for the week.

In the first half of last Wednesday's match, Notre Dame took a 2-0 lead. Junior forward Vince Cicciarelli received a pass from senior Harrison Shipp and beat the keeper inside the six-yard box in the 20' minute. In the 34', Shipp once again was the play maker and this time set up sophomore Patrick Hodan to rip a shot from the edge of the 18-yard box.

At halftime, Moor took to twitter to send some good vibes to his college squad:

The Hoosiers must not have gotten Moor's message though, as they were unable to score in the second half and ultimately fell 2-0 at Notre Dame.

Thus, much to Moor's dismay, he came into the locker room as pictured above on Monday morning. The terms of the bet were that he'd have to wear the colors for a full week, but will first-year Powers have the authority to hold him to it?