Drew Moor header at Seattle
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Captain Drew Moor laments poor start in Playoff loss in Seattle

Colorado Rapids Defender and Captain Drew Moor following 2-0 loss in Seattle in Knockout match:

On the result…

“It was disappointing. I’m certainly proud of the boys for leaving it all out on the field. I think for one thing, I wish we would have start off a little brighter. [It was] a playoff game – it’s different. If we start the game the way we finished the second half, I think we give ourselves a little better chance.”
On the venue…

“It’s always difficult here – it’s a tough place to play. Not that I thought we got off to a poor start by any means. I just think we lacked that kind of bite – that urgency – that we needed to start the game with. It eventually did come after that first goal, but it’s too late by then.”
On the future…

"The young guys aren’t young guys anymore. They aren’t kids, they’re men, and they proved that over the course of the season. My dream is that everybody comes back and we start fresh again next January.”
On Seattle’s second goal…

“We were pushed up, trying to get that equalizer. It was a good piece of play by Eddie Johnson but I think we needed to play the throw in a little tighter being a man up. Dempsey got the ball with too much space. We were on the same page, but credit to Eddie for doing what he can do.”