Dillon Powers

Dillon Powers explains nonchalant tweet about leaving the hospital

Earlier this week Dillon Powers raised some eyebrows - and possibly the blood pressure of some Colorado Rapids fans - with a nonchalant tweet.

If you're thinking the questionable part was the burrito / Chipotle portion, then you likely missed the hospital wristband in the photo, or that he wrote that he had just left the hospital.

Assuming, or knowing, the initial tweet may have been interpreted as a potential health issue, the midfielder sent out a follow up tweet:

Powers was at Dick's Sporting Goods Park on Thursday to work out so I caught up with him for further explanation.

"I had some tendonitis in my right knee that I thought maybe with rest would go away," Powers said. "But the PRP, which I've done in the past, helps accelerate the healing process. So I got some PRP injections."

That sounded like a solid explanation, if you know what PRP is. I didn't, so I asked Powers to explain it, as he understands the process.

"It's Platelet-rich Plasma," he said. "Basically they take out your blood and spin it up in a centrifuge, and that creates plasma, which has some very good healing properties for different areas, and especially the tendons."

Powers said the pain in his right knee had gradually build up throughout his rookie season.

"I was able to play through it just fine, but definitely wasn't something that was comfortable by the end," he said. "I didn't want to have that lingering through the offseason and into next year."

The 22-year-old first had PRP injections four years ago before he went to Notre Dame. It's not something an athlete would have to do very often, and in his case, he believes he understands the cause of why the pain returned.

"It had been almost a year and a half without a break - with the college season and MLS season, so I think that was one of the reasons for it," Powers added. "Hopefully I don't have to do it again."

Other than a small band aid on his knee, Powers is not limited. He now awaits for the process to kick in and relieve the pain in a natural way over the coming weeks.

That's a good thing for Powers, who missed the latter part of the season with concussion symptoms, which he also addressed.

"Almost there, just not quite there," he said of the symptoms. "But I'm feeling a lot better."