Shane O'Neill vs Chivas USA, May 11
Bart Young / Colorado Rapids

Colorado Rapids vs. Chivas USA | Postgame Quotes

Pablo Mastroeni, Colorado Rapids Head Coach
On what stands out about what went wrong:
I think we got lulled to sleep. I think there were some interesting decisions made on our defensive half that gave them a chance to get into the game. Games like that, where you have a lot of the ball and they do a good job getting behind it, lull you to sleep and if we’re not sharp in the back and organizing and preparing for these moments, you’re going to get beaten. Tonight, they waited for their opportunities and took good advantage of them.

On whether it was a missed opportunity to not take advantage of the wind in the first half:
It could have been. The game of soccer is fickle. We had a chance to tie up the game, and the ball goes off the post. If that ball goes in, we could have won the game 4-1. So I don’t look into it too much. It’s a game where the breaks didn’t go your way, and obviously there is some responsibility to be had as far as making sure you’re always tuned in to every game. I think tonight, the disappointing thing is that we’ve given up goals but the response is then to throw all caution to the wind and bomb forward. I think [we need to] just be more professional, and that starts with me as to how we now concede a goal and move forward.

Deshorn Brown, Colorado Rapids forward
On getting his second goal of the season:
Well, it’s a good feeling to get it, but I guess I got it in the wrong way. We were hoping to get these three points and looking forward to the big game against Salt Lake. So I guess we’ve got to put this one behind us and focus on the rivals [coming up].

On if he felt unlucky after hitting the post in recent games:
Yeah, I think so, but it’s started coming and get closer and closer. It happened tonight, I just got one, so I’m just hoping I can start to build from there and start scoring some more goals.

Shane O’Neill, Colorado Rapids defender
On what happened defensively in the second half:
I think just a few breakdowns, obviously a little bit of a lack of communication. At the end of the day, I thought we dominated the game in the first half. If we would have scored a goal, it would have been a different game. It just wasn’t good enough from us in the second half. I think it was the crossing; we needed a little bit more communication between all of us at the back post. Let’s be realistic, there was maybe two of their guys in the last thirty yards of the field and we couldn’t pick up. And there’s one guy in the box and maybe three of us in the box and we couldn’t pick up one guy. That’s just something we need to get sorted. There’s a lack of communication and I think we have to keep moving forward. Obviously it’s a really tough loss but we have Salt Lake at the weekend and that’s a huge game.

On fatigue after three games in nine days:
Like you saw, the lineups were really different all game. I think it was just the mentality. We came out really well, maybe the second half we came out and we thought you know that we dominated this game in the first half and all we have to do is show up and we’ll make something happen. Obviously that wasn’t the case. Once they got that goal, they got quite a bit of confidence. It was just a tough match. It was a tough match all over the field. Once they got that goal, they fought really hard and they made it difficult for us to break down.

On what lessons they should take away from this game:
I’m not sure we want to take away anything from this game. It’s just one of those days that you want to forget about. If we could’ve gotten three points here, it would have been massive in the standings and we would have gone to Salt Lake and been in a really good spot. Now there’s a little bit more pressure on us. I think this is just one of those games you want to forget about and move on.