Pablo Mastroeni sideline
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Pablo Mastroeni's message to Colorado Rapids supporters

To Rapids Supporters:

Some of my comments from immediately following Saturday night’s game require clarification, and I’m glad to be able to do so here and now. I care deeply about this club, winning games, and taking home trophies, especially the Rocky Mountain Cup, and I want this passion to be as clear now that I’m a coach as it was when I was playing.

Post-game Saturday I meant to convey that I view getting results as both a short-term and long-term project. While we do everything we can to prepare for individual matches, I am also concerned with developing skills that will help us win later this season, into next season, and even further down the line. Helping our players improve their skills and understanding of the game is paramount to our success.

In soccer, sometimes you can play well and lose, and other times you can play poorly and win – so I have said that I try not to get too concerned with individual results, as my focus is on playing well. I want to assure all our fans that every person at the Rapids – coaches, staff, players, the front office – is focused on winning each game. In the locker room before Saturday’s match, tears filled my eyes as I delivered the final instructions to our guys, reiterating to the players what this game means to everyone in the stadium. But once a game ends, I have to start preparing for the next one, without ever losing sight of our ultimate goal.

My comments were inelegant and did not convey my passion for this Cup, which I hold dear to my heart, as I feel that the passion I displayed in every Rocky Mountain Cup match I participated in (as a player) has been a major catalyst in making the rivalry what it is today. It hurt to see RSL walk away with that trophy. I never want it to happen again. Now we have to turn that pain into motivation for tough road games in Dallas and D.C., followed by a difficult home match against the Galaxy. We don’t just want to make the playoffs, but to host a playoff game if we can.

I appreciate the feedback I’ve received from those passionate fans that care so much about the club and the Rocky Mountain Cup, just as I do. I will certainly work to convey my thoughts better in the future, and I’ll be speaking about this at more length on the Rapids Podcast later this week. I believe in the Rapids, and I know we need all our fans with us as we move forward.

Thank you,

Pablo Mastroeni
Head Coach