Rapids SOCO: Ben Hollis August 20
Garrett Ellwood / Colorado Rapids

Recap: Rapids SOCO Burgundy Team 1, Rapids SOCO Blue Team 0

Following the Colorado Rapids' loss to the LA Galaxy on Wednesday night, the Special Olympics Colorado Rapids unified team took the field for the Burgundy vs. Blue match.

Rain started to fall right before the teams took the fields for warm-ups. Luckily, it slacked off to a drizzle by the time kickoff came around to make for a slick surface and some fast tempo play.  The rain did not scare too many fans away, including a few dedicated members of Centennial 38,  who could be heard showering both sides with encouragement.

There was a lot of early action, with the game's only goal coming in the 3rd minute, when Ben Hollis placed a right-footed shot into the bottom right corner, past the outstretched arms of Luke Davidson. Both teams seemed to settle down after about 10 minutes as each side probed forward looking for openings.

The second half picked up where the first left off with steady possession leading to some chances for both sides. Some solid attacking displays from Kaylee Gatzke and Darby Cross got the Blue team close to an equalizer, but it just wouldn’t work out for them in the end.

Ultimately, Hollis’ goal was enough to win it for the Burgundy team, despite the impressive attacking display from the Blue team. When asked about how it felt to score the game winning goal, Hollis said: “I was happy to do that. I just like shooting the ball, it’s pretty fun.”

The next  Special Olympics Colorado Rapids unified match will be away against LA Galaxy on September 5th.

Scoring Summary:

Burgundy Team: Ben Hollis (3rd minute)


Blue Team: Mackenzie Beauvais-Nikl, Andie Zitek, Brittany Kane, Jason Horton, Vince Egan, Kristina Sisneros, Ana Stachitus, Darby Cross, Kaylee Gatzke, Ryan Yim, Sommer Sigala, Rachel Herndon, Calmer Hyberg, Luke Davidson

Coaches: Phil Knight, Aspen DeField

Burgundy Team: Dominic Gonzalez-Padron, Ben Hollis, Julia Terrell, Ibsen Ojeda, Dylan Spencer, Ashley Kane, Azur Ewari, Claire Green, Cody Field, Morgan Butler, Mitch Hulyk, Erik Johnson, Dominic Sisneros, Sam Villela

Burgundy Team Coaches: Katie Shea, Ryan Creager

SOCO Coaches: Chaka Sutton, Ilima Kane