2017 Year in Review | Countdown | Garrett Ellwood's Top 5 photos

For a professional sports team photographer, a season can fly by. Each event often rendered a blur. A favorite photo easily forgotten. Luckily, when we tasked our resident photographer, Garrett Ellwood, to name his top photos of the year he was able to select five stunning frames that will be forever linked to this past season. Also a photographer for the NBA, Ellwood has the talent to create images that encompass the people and emotional moments that make our club and sport so unique. 

Garrett Ellwood's Top 5 Photos


5. Alan Gordon and his family

Garrett says: "I love this one of Gordo and his family following the National Anthem on October 7 vs. FC Dallas. It shows that the family atmosphere is a big part of the locker room and the club that people don't get to see, but is evident in this shot."



4. Dillon Serna celebrating after scoring his goal vs. LA Galaxy

Garrett says: "Being a Colorado native I love seeing our homegrown players succeed. This was a special match for Serna and fans, as this was his first start in over a year after recovering from his knee injury. This shot really captivates what he has overcome. To top it off, he scored."



3. Jason Horton warming up before a Unified practice

Garrett says: "The photo of Jason Horton is one I love, as well. Jason always has a smile on his face and has a great energy about him. Although, he's not smiling in this photo, for me it shows his amazing ability and what he has overcome."

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2. Tim Howard hugging Carter Hampton

Garrett says: "The image of Tim embracing Carter was another great moment from the season. It was just an impromptu thing for Tim, and seconds later there was another cool moment when Tim included him in the Starting XI photo."

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1. Kortne Ford hugging his mom

Garrett says: "For me, the photo of Kortne and his mom is my favorite from the year. Knowing his story, being a local and the special relationship he has with his mom was all wrapped up in that moment for me. I think he scored in that game as well, so that was a pretty amazing day. I remember just being really happy to be there to capture that moment."

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