Josh Kroenke Alternate Governor

Matt Hutchings COO / Governor

Rapids Executive Staff

Pádraig Smith Executive Vice President and General Manager

Wayne Brant Snr. Vice President of Business Operations

Taylor Rogers Executive Assistant


Richard Fleming TV Play-by-Play Announcer

Marcelo Balboa TV Analyst

Connor Cape Radio Play-by-Play Announcer

Community Relations

Caitlin Kinser Snr. Director, Community Relations and Youth Programming


Omar Gonzalez Director, Communications

Lucas Casás Manager, Communications


Alex McGeorge Vice President, Digital & Content

Matt Hinderman Director, Video

Mallorie Celestino Club Video Producer

Shelby Daniels Club Video Producer

Mike Revollo Club Video Producer

Danny Farris Director, Social Media

Connor Pickett Social Media Producer

Nicole Tygesen Social Media Coordinator

Kara Tanner Manager, Digital Content & Strategy

Sydney Kohne Digital Content Coordinator

Event Presentation

Mark Witte Director, Event Presentation

Taylor Milner Manager, Event Presentation


Alyssa Bruno Vice President, Marketing

Jordan Rothrock Creative Director

Jared Bernstein Director, Marketing

Jamie Kingston Manager, Marketing

Julian Mijares Graphic Designer

Partnership Marketing

Ben Boylan Executive Vice President, Partnership Marketing & Media Sales

Camille Hammond VP, Partnership Marketing & Media Sales

Jesse McMahon Director, Partnership Marketing and Media Sales

Lauren Penner Director, Partnership Marketing Activation

Sarah Sinnott Account Manager, Partnership Marketing and Media Sales

Lindsay Jones Account Manager, Partnership Marketing and Media Sales

Ticket Sales Management

Sean Sullivan Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service

Mason Finch Director, Ticket Sales

Max Grillo Manager, Membership Services

Danny Bieshaar Manager, Season Ticket Sales

Bianca Velez Manager, Group Ticket Sales

Nick Ortiz Manager, Inside Sales

Greg Hutton Manager, Premium Services

Josh Bamford Manager, Ticket Operations