Front Office Staff


  • E. Stanley Kroenke
    Owner Learn More
  • Josh Kroenke
    Alternate Governor Learn More
  • Jim Martin
    President & Chief Executive Officer, KSE;
    Governor of the Rapids
    Learn More
  • Matt Hutchings
    COO / Alternate Governor Learn More

KSE Leadership

  • David Burke
    Senior Vice President and Chief Ticketing Officer Learn More
  • Ben Boylan
    Executive Vice President, Partnership Marketing & Media Sales Email

Rapids Executive Staff

  • Wayne Brant
    Interim Chief Business Officer Email
  • Emily Maguire
    Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service Email
  • Allie Kmec
    Administrative AssistantEmail


  • Richard Fleming
    Snr. Director, Broadcasting/Play-by-Play Announcer Learn More


  • Ryan Madden
    Director, Communications Email
  • Diego Garcia
    Manager, PR & Media Relations Email

Community Relations

  • Caitlin Kinser
    Manager, Community Relations Email


  • Alex McGeorge
    Director, Digital and Social Media Email
  • Gabrielle Carrier
    Manager, Digital Email
  • Chris Roland
    Club Producer Email
  • Dylan Gannon
    Coordinator, Digital Content Email
  • Hannah Jorich
    Coordinator, Digital and Social Media Email

Event Presentation

  • John Hess
    Director, Event Presentation Email
  • Jaclyn Zelasko
    Coordinator, Event Presentation Email


  • Alyssa Bruno
    Director, Marketing Email
  • Katie Brown
    Coordinator, Marketing Email
  • Jordan Rothrock
    Production Artist Email

Partnership Marketing

  • Dana Repp
    Senior Account Manager, Partnership Marketing Email
  • Dan Luce
    Account Manager, Partnership Marketing Email
  • Trevor Wallace
    Account Manager, Partnership Marketing Email

Ticket Sales Management